That GIS Button

By O. Cenk Demiroglu

Have you noticed the GIS button on our main page? It will lead you to – our very own ArcGIS Hub Site. 

“An ArcGIS what?” or “a what Hub Site?”, I can almost hear some of you say! Let me clarify…

Hub Site is a platform to share the content that we have created through ArcGIS, the leading collection of various GIS software and applications. On our Hub, we currently provide a StoryMap application of our progress with spatial, temporal and social digitalization and visualizations of Pausanias’s Periegesis Hellados. The StoryMap describes our journey starting from the semantic analyses in Recogito to post-Recogito outputs created on ArcGIS and other different platforms such as Gephi, Google, DARIAH Geobrowser and Palladio. Additionally, the 2D and the 3D ArcGIS Web App prototypes embedded in the StoryMap are presented separately on the Hub. 

In the near future, we will add more of our new and updated contents on the Hub, including but not limited to our custom symbologies and the quest for integrating Intelligence tools into seamless spatiotemporal-social visualizations as well as an Augmented Reality application. We will also keep on discovering the complementary and competing uses in other platforms such as knight lab and QGIS. Keep an eye on our updates by clicking the GIS button!